Sunday, March 16, 2008

Graphic Novels Galore!

Graphic novels are the joy of teens everywhere and my library branch is no exception. So I've taken on the task of familiarizing myself with the genre. I've read many articles on the manga phenomenon and realized I could in no way become an expert. My knowledge in that area comes straight from the teens themselves. Trust me, they are more than willing to tell you all about it. So, I decided to attack the more literary titles. Enjoy these recommendations below!

Kazu Kibuishi, editor

This collection includes 5 volumes of beautifully illustrated mini-comics. I highly recommended this series to anyone wanting a quick look at the overwhelming talents of graphic novel creators. Picture to the left is volume 3.

The Borden Tragedy
Rick Geary

Within this genre there are also novels devoted to historical true crime. An interesting method of getting to teens to learn about the past.

Mariane Satrapi

Teens can also explore other cultures through this medium.

Still Interested? Try these as well.

Ethel & Ernest: A True Story
Fashion High: Breaking Up
Edmund and Rosemary Go to Hell
First & Fifteenth
The Last Lonely Saturday
The Long Chalkboard


I've finally gone through and updated my lists of recent reads. Check it out when you can. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beautiful Book(s) of the Week # 4

I recently ran across a wonderful reissue of Miroslav Sasek's classic This is Paris from the 1950s. Wonderful illustrations with updated information on the cities located in the back. Perfect for introducing various cultures to children. Check them out at your local library!